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There Is No Need to Perform the "Honesty Scandal" on the Engineering Machinary Stage

Print  Published Time:2012/7/23 9:48:54

.In the present era,the word "door"has been endowed with more meanings. In recent years, the most extensive derived meaning, is a kind of pronouns of all kinds of sandals,such as "Commentary Scandal", "Splash Ink Scandal", " Sex-Photo Scandal", etc. In the summer of 2012, a notorious " Honesty Scandal", like a third-rate TV series, staged under the attention of the crowd.

Events playback: in the middle of August,the  three electric business shops: Jingdong, Gome, and Suning  vow seriously to launch the price wa.Electric business industryseemed to see a piece of fierce battle . However, the very day of the price war,customer had pricked the lie: electric business first price price cut, sales promotion price higher than the original price, the real price of goods display no goods... A seemingly heartquake

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