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1, 2009 Chairman of the Board Mr Fu Huandong was honored as "the Most Chinese Characteristics Top Ten Private Entrepreneurs"
2, General Gao Hongmin was named  2009 Annual "Advanced Worker" of LanShan District.
3, Huaxing was awarded as "shandong Machinery Industry Key Industry Key Components and Machinary foundation Parts Top 60 Enterprise" by  Shandong Machinery Industry Hall.(2010.2)

4, Huaxing dormitory was granted as the "Model Domitory" by Federation of Trade Unions.

5, by shandong federation of trade unions awarded "ZhiDaiHui excellent star" advanced units

6, linyi city was rated as "health advanced unit"

7, be LanShan district party committee the district government as "to make the people rich and the third prize in wuhu"

8, is LanShan area as "honest honest good enterprise" honorary title

9, general party branch is LanShan office awarded the "advanced party organization"

10, the company is LanShan office as "tax contribution award"

11, linyi city federation of trade unions was awarded "revitalization of the river bank Mongolia labor diploma", chairman of the board of directors to obtain personal "revitalization of the river bank Mongolia labor medal"

12, there are six comrade be LanShan office awarded "outstanding communist party member," eight comrade was rated as "advanced worker" title of honor.

13, 10 comrade be linyi industrial park is chosen as "advanced worker" title of honor.

14, linyi city was named the "top private economy enterprise"

15, is LanShan area federations of industry and commerce, general chamber of commerce as the federations of industry and commerce system "outstanding private enterprises".

16 and the technology market in shandong province science and technology JinQiaoJiang award committee awarded the "advanced collective". (2010.9.21)

17, linyi city people's government awarded the "new type high strength wear resistant bucket series development" second prize of scientific and technological progress of linyi city. (2010.9)

18, linyi city people's government "linyi innovative enterprise" (December 2010)

19, shandong economic and information commission, etc "credit enterprise of shandong province" (2010.12)

20, shandong province people's government awarded the "new type high strength wear resistant bucket series development" shandong province scientific and technological progress the third prize. (2011.1.12)

21, the company was awarded the "2010 annual shandong machinery industry enterprises" (March 2011).

22, the linyi municipal party committee granted FuHuanDong comrades "outstanding communist party member" title. (2011.6)

And, by the provincial federation of trade unions as "provincial labor relations harmonious enterprise" "the prosperous common people xing lu labor diploma" (2011.12)

24, FuHuanDong by shandong enterprise federation, shandong entrepreneurs association, shandong industrial economy of shandong province enterprise culture construction as advanced individual, (June 2012)

25, the company is in the enterprises of shandong province, shandong province of entrepreneur association, shandong industrial economic federation in shandong province as the enterprise culture advanced unit. (June 2012)

26, shandong machinery industry association as 2011 annual machinery industry enterprises (June 2012)

27, the linyi municipal party committee "river bank Mongolia pioneer basic-level party organization" (June 2012)

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